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Kaff-eine is an established street + contemporary artist within Melbourne’s globally-celebrated street art scene. Since 2010 she has garnered a strong following among Australian and international street art lovers + art collectors, who are drawn to her illustrative freehand style, delicate linework, + quiet melancholic characters. She has been invited to paint her artwork, created with aerosol, acrylic paint + pigment ink, on public + private walls across Australia, Germany, France + the Philippines, in galleries, businesses, homes, and on the streets. Kaff-eine has also illustrated two successful children’s books (The Promise + Vera), + has exhibited in solo + group exhibitions throughout Australia. 


Please contact Kaff-eine at ( for a list of dimensions + prices of current original works for sale, or to enquire about a particular work for sale.


To commission original artwork on paper or canvas, works on interior + exterior walls, + public projects, please contact Kaff-eine directly at


To purchase limited edition fine art giclee prints, hand signed + numbered with certificates of authenticity, please contact my exclusive distributor Signed + Numbered, from their 153 Greville street Prahran store or online at:


25 responses to “Info + Shop

  • Kaff-eine

    hey darlin’! I love you RIGHT BACK x

  • MarkD

    Thanks for your whimsy! Your work is very beautiful, especially pasted against the grit and grime of old Fitzroy. Looking forward to stumbling upon and discovering more of your work; like that pasted on brick wall at rear of 440 Brunswick Street (img6397: I believe in childhood dreams, and the girl with dog and reflected night-sky).


  • imagestoliveby

    Your work is so delicate and beautiful – I always love coming across these paste-ups. Thanks!

  • Kaff-eine

    Hi, it’s wonderful to hear that you like my images. I love your perspective: ‘Visual gifts… placed in public space for us to enjoy’: what a delightful way to view street art. Thank you.

  • Sarah

    Found a lot of your paste ups ( in the Streets of Melbourne and would like to thank you for sharing your art with ‘us’. It’s very inspiring.

  • Kaff-eine

    Hi Sarah, I’m glad you like my work, it’s always a pleasure to draw so thanks for enjoying it with me : )

  • MTW

    Hi Kaff, I think I’m going to have to hit you up for an interview for INFX!

  • Matthew Start

    Is it possible to buy a print of Deerhunter Unclad? Would you be able to recreate the same work that you did for Seed windows on cardboard?

  • Kaff-eine

    Hi Matthew,

    I haven’t produced prints of Deerhunter Unclad yet; I have the draft image, which is pencil and ink on paper, and the large aerosol + acrylic paint image on a metal door in Fitzroy, but I haven’t had the chance to create the final work on paper. At the moment I’m selling a range of limited edition prints through ‘Signed and Numbered’ gallery in Prahran, and in the near future I hope to release this deerhunter image through the gallery.

    I think you’re referring to the Husk windows on Collins st? Yes, these are created on cardboard, and I am hoping to release these images as smaller ink and watercolour works on paper at Signed and Numbered in the near future too. The originals, on cardboard, will be for sale at the conclusion of the Windows by Design exhibit (31 March), but I intend to release prints of all of the characters in the Husk windows (including Deerhunter Unclad) in the coming months. I’m happy to let you know when I’m about to release them.

    Cheers and thanks for your interest, Kaff x

  • Kim Wood

    Very happy that a unicorn appeared recently in my Prahran laneway – a wonderful addition!

  • Louis Chan

    i can only say you are truly amazing. very nice work 🙂

  • anon

    just thought i would tell you i am doing my year 10 art project on you. 🙂

  • Chistine

    Hi. We have a 2 storey terrace house in North fitzroy on a laneway. How do we go about getting artwork on it. Thank you

  • Kelley Bolger

    Hi Kaffeine,

    I wanted to send you an email as my dad Andy Bolger suddenly passed away on Friday and he was such a fan of your work. He took photos of all of your street art and would always talk about how you were his favourite artist. My dad only developed a passion for photography within the last two years and starting a job in Collingwood allowed him to realise his passion in street art. He would wander the streets of Collingwood, Fitzroy and the city and he took thousands of photos. Every time I went over to his place to visit, he would go through his photo albums and show me all of the photos he took and would always mention your name and how he talented he believed you were.

    My dad passed away on Friday night and I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that despite his recent darkest days, he found so much joy in your work. Thank you.

    Kelley Bolger

    • Kaff-eine

      Hi Kelley,

      I am so so sorry to hear about Andy’s passing. I met him this summer, on the streets, as I painted murals in and around Melbourne, and apart from his great street photos which I always looked forward to seeing, I was struck by how engaging, intelligent, honourable + generous he was. In a world which can at times seem full of superficial, insincere types, he stood out, and I always enjoyed chatting with him when he came to support me at work. His passion for street art was fantastic, + I really admired his mad cycling ability! It inspired me to cycle to and from my studio; if he did it over such great distances, I had no excuse to use my car. I will miss seeing his friendly, positive face and having genuine chats with him. This is a terrible loss of a wonderful man. I didn’t know his personal life, so I didn’t see his pain, and I am very sorry that it couldn’t be eased any other way. I cannot imagine what you’re going through; my deepest condolences. I hope that you have good friends around to help support you. My email address is; when you get the chance, please email me so that I can arrange a gift for you in his memory. Thank you, Kaff-eine

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