Kaff-eine in Europe Pt 3: accommodation

I stayed in many wonderful locations, in many wonderful forms of accommodation during my recent European spraycation. The private homes into which I was invited were gorgeous, character-filled + very, very welcoming. The accommodation I lived in while exploring away from my wonderful friends was also super.  Here are a couple of the more remote highlights, hidden away in the European countryside:

I spent a few nights in a super recycled sewer pipe overlooking the Danube River in Austria. Cosy, private (on the very edge of a tiny ancient town), + surprisingly warm:

Concrete pipe hotel room, Austria

It was wonderful to lock myself away from the world after long days spent exploring Western Austria.

Dusk, Concrete pipe hotel room

I was also lucky to be able to spend a few nights in a charming gherkin barrel (Gurkenfass), in the north of Germany, in the middle of a UNESCO-listed biosphere forest reserve (+ the home of the pickled gherkin):

Gurkenfass, Germany

I loved the chance to spend my evenings surrounded by a babbling brooks, + the curious sounds of forest critters wandering through the undergrowth:

Gurkenfass gherkin barrel room, Germany

I’m looking forward to finding more character-filled remote accommodation when I return to Europe, very soon.  Stay tuned for part 4 of my European spraycation, going live soon…


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