Fitzroy Deerhunters

I recently moved away from my beloved Fitzroy; I’ve been missing its bustle + energy, so I was very pleased to have been asked to paint some walls, back in the middle of Fitzroy.

Deerhunters, Brunswick St Fitzroy

Deerhunters, Brunswick St Fitzroy

The venue, Amigos on Brunswick St, had some plain grey + wallpapered walls that needed some creative attention. I was given free rein to create whatever I thought was appropriate for the space. Although Amigos is operating as a Mexican restaurant, I thought it would be a great space for some characters that have little/nothing to do with Mexico. Over the course of a few days, I transformed the rear of the space from a clean, crisp grey restaurant to a moody home for a couple of deerhunters.  I painted a crumpled, awkward hunter on the wall above the fantastic, warm fireplace:

Fireplace Deerhunter

Fireplace Deerhunter

I also painted a disrobing hunter on the wall near the beautiful Victorian staircase:

Disrobing deerhunter

Disrobing Deerhunter

The paintings have dramatically changed the feel of the space, + I look forward to viewing them once the lighting has been redesigned + the space is complete.

Once I finished painting, some close friends + I colonised the table closest to the fire, + feasted under the watch of the two large, new Fitzroy deerhunters. It was a fantastic end to a fun few days painting back in beautiful Fitzroy.

The deerhunters are very visible from both Brunswick + Argyle streets, so you do not have to enter the restuarant to see them. However, I recommend that you go inside, +  have some Tequila + super Mexican inspired food (I recommend the stuffed jalapenos, the fajitas + the amazing brownie drowned in sizzling chocolate sauce) while checking out the paintings.



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