Kaff-eine menagerie at The Rusty Fox, Kensington

I recently painted a range of  characters at a brand new deli/cafe in the middle of quaint Kensington, Victoria.

main wall mural

The Rusty Fox, which will operate as a deli, cafe + larder focusing on locally sourced, ethically grown products, asked me to create something which complemented both their name, + the beautiful building itself. I decided to paint a combination of fox-children, woodland deer + a single, solemn pig, all in pigment ink, directly on the walls.

detail, mural

Detail, mural


The delicate black linework  was designed to complement the warm tones of the reclaimed wood fittings, benches + walls throughout the cafe.


I completed the signage on a summery, stormy day, with thunderclouds roiling + lightning flashing nearby as the final lines were painted, + the sign was hung.



The Rusty Fox, at 501 Macaulay Rd Kensington, opens on 2 April 2013.

Visit the friendly folk there for great coffee, thoughful tasty food, a range of quality deli products + a great atmosphere. I will post more photos of the cafe after the opening morning.



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