Super sunny summer painting sessions at the Vegie Bar


Over the past week I had the pleasure of painting a new courtyard mural for the Vegie Bar, in Brunswick st Fitzroy. I can often be found having brunch or dinner there, sharing lush meals + decadent desserts with good friends or family; I like the atmosphere, the staff + the philosophy as well as the food, so I was stoked to paint within its walls.


I was given creative freedom, so I chose to paint a couple of young, inquisitive hooved characters in aerosol with an acrylic paint wash.




I also painted two ‘deerhunters’, naked vulnerable figures with horned deerskull heads. I thought that the deerhunters were a particularly appropriate choice for the vegetarian + vegan venue, given their origins in the subversion of hunter + hunted, + the politics of eating.




I painted over four superhot, sunny summer days, enjoying quiet mornings alone in the courtyard, + enjoying the company of Vegie Bar staff in the afternoons as they spoiled me with tasty treats + supplied me with super coffee.



As I finished the last character + retreated to the air-conditioned comfort of the restaurant for a celebratory dinner with a fine friend, the stifling weather broke, the cool change rolled in from the bay, the sun disappeared, + the temperature dropped 10 degrees within the hour. My super sunny summer painting session was complete.

Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick st Fitzroy



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