Super Country Fun

I have just returned from a super camping trip organised with some old friends. We wanted to spend a few days camping in a remote place + having summer country fun. It has been a long time since I went camping, + I was keen to hang out with friends who would appreciate the trip as much as me.


We arrived at our great location late Friday afternoon to set up camp by a riverbed, ringed with enormous Redgums, with the gorgeous Grampians ranges in the background. We wasted no time in setting up the totem tennis set, the mini-bike, the clay target + rifle shooting areas, + taking turns with each until the spectacular sunset captured us:




Sez, Mel and Lisa at dusk

Incredible sunset sky

We continued with the sports the next day, our super hosts also encouraging us to barrel around the station in the back of a ute, + drive the tractor, while checking out their diverse + friendly stock:

Highland beauties



On the way to visit a super junk shop in the area, we spotted evidence of a busy hunting night on a nearby property. Although I felt conflicted by the sight, I think the image is striking:


Of course, I found time to leave a few aerosol characters in secret places:

Camp Goat

The station is tinder dry + the region is understandably very alert to the threat of bushfires, however the calm weather enabled us to have a campfire on the sandy riverbank Saturday night. We had the added security of our very own vintage 1960s Bedford fire truck, which was driven straight into the camp in the evening, to ensure that the fire remained under control:


Melika sunset riding

Jess Sunset riding

Sunset clays - direct hit

On the final day we left the station exhausted, smiling + vowing to return for an encore in the future. It will be a while until we can all get together again, but I will be returning before the end of summer to paint this great corrugated iron shed. I can’t wait.

Sunset shed

Thank you Neville + Jane for generously welcoming us onto your beautiful station; thanks Sez for coordinating the trip; + thanks my friends old + new, for making this summer trip so awesome.



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