First painting for 2013

I am looking forward to painting some personal projects over the summer; I enjoy being on the street, painting fun characters on interesting surfaces, in interesting places.

Taking advantage of the brief respite from high-30 degrees summer heat over the weekend, I headed to beautiful Brunswick, to  paint some gates that had previously caught my eye.


Over the sunny weekend I painted a tumbling goat + horse, to the approval of local dog-walkers, neighbours, shop-owners + an early morning junkie.


Thank you to the super gate-owners, who were thrilled with their surprise new artwork; + thank you Toby, who accompanied me obscenely early on Sunday morning + kept me going with a combination of coffee, soft-drink, neat conversation + super sunbathing antics.


It was a great start to what looks to be an awesome 2013 x


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8 responses to “First painting for 2013

  • Brett

    Hi Kaff-eine,

    We love your work and are pumped that you’re beautifying our Brunswick.

    We’d love to commission you in a few months for some work in our converted warehouse, if you do that type of thing?

    A favourite of ours was the little past up you did just down from Anstey station but I believe the buildings been demolished now 😦

    Hope the childrens book is still in the works too.


    • Kaff-eine

      Hi Brett, thanks so much for contacting me, I’m stoked that you like my Brunswick work! I’d certainly love to paint something for your warehouse in a few months time, shoot me an email at + we’ll go from there. Yes, the two children’s books are well under way, the first is due out April 2013, the next one a couple of months later, + I’m working on a super project that hopefully will be released as anther book too, good times! Cheers + thanks, Kaff 🙂

  • Ash

    Where abouts in Brunswick is this, I want to wander past and have a look 🙂

  • Lachlan Hadley

    Hi Kaffeine,
    I love your work so much!
    I would really like you to come and paint Fairfield/ Alphington Area. It needs some of your work!

    Looking forward to the book!


    • Kaff-eine

      Hi Lachlan, thanks for your lovely words! I reckon Fairfield/Alphington would have some rad areas to paint, I’ll have to check out some suitable spots in a few months time. Cheers + thanks, Kaff 🙂

  • Lachlan Hadley

    Hi Kaff, that’s fine! Great, we really need some of your work!
    Looking forward to spotting some of your work around soon!!

    Lachlan 🙂

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