A superfun end to 2012

After an incredibly exciting, exhausting year, I was looking forward to marking the end of 2012 with a long country drive, + a fun painting session in a forgotten country location. It had been months since I’d left Melbourne, + even longer since I had taken an unplanned search for interesting country canvasses.

Precious Little + I left early on 30 December, with no plans other than to drive further north + wander the back roads + tracks until we found the perfect place in which to end 2012.

We found many super places for quick roadside scrawls + throw-ups on the first day:

Doublehorse, country Vic

Country horse

Country horse up close


We also found a couple of spectacular, long forgotten, hidden places where we planned to spend the next day. Awaking early on New Years Eve, we left the rad little Motor Inn in the nearby town + travelled back to our country canvas where, accompanied only by sheep, cicadas, a curious echidna + a warm summer breeze, we painted goodbye to 2012:

Last painting for 2012

When the midday summer heat hit us we returned to the graffmobile + drove until we found, surrounded by endless acres of parched wheat-fields,  a spectacular Redgum swamp. I love swamps, so I was stoked to be able to spend our lunch break in the middle of this peaceful oasis.


We spent the afternoon napping + yabbying (playing catch + release with the little critters, as seen in the photo!) on the banks of a secluded river, before returning to the Motor Inn to decide how to spend the end of 2012.


We wanted to return to an old friend further to the north, to see how our earlier pieces had weathered the winter + perhaps have one more quick country paint, so we raced the sunset to our favourite mudbrick ruins. We found our earlier pieces just as we had left them, + after a final super-quick throwie in the approaching dusk, we spent the last hours of 2012 in complete isolation, lying in the middle of a road in the middle of nowhere, watching a million stars gradually light up the sky + listening to the gentle breeze in the fields around us.

Jockstrap, final sunset of 2012

Very last painting for 2012

Dusk, New Years Eve

It was a wonderful end to a wonderful year. Thank you thank you to the fantastic folk who have supported, encouraged + inspired me throughout 2012; I am already very excited at the projects I have in place + the possibilities open to me for 2013.



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