Painting session at Revolver

I recently painted the downstairs laneway at Revolver in Prahran, for Just Another Agency + Revolver Upstairs. With the forecast predicting days of 30-34 degrees, I was keen to paint the walls purely with acrylics, hoping that the heat would quickly dry the layers as I moved between the 4 characters. The laneway was perfect for the characters I had planned – moody + gritty, exactly the sort of location I would seek out  when looking for places to paint.

In fact, I had stumbled across the ‘public’ section of this lane from the street over 12 months ago while scouting for painting locations, but was deterred when a steady stream of musicians + staff began to use the space late at night. I was stoked to finally be able to take my time painting there.

The heat did a great job of drying my paint superquickly, so I was able to paint layers of tones on the characters in a short timeframe, exactly as I had hoped. The wall will remain over summer + into the autumn months, so  head to Revolver + check it out when you’re next Southside.

This super clip highlights plenty of the lane’s character, + shows me painting over a couple of days:

Thanks Revolver Upstairs + Just Another Agency for arranging this superfun paint, + Colonel Tan’s restaurant (in Revolver) for the tasty food x


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