Collaboration with Lucy Lucy for Land of Sunshine book launch

I love the AWOL crew; not only are they from Brunswick (always a bonus), but their work is outstanding, both as a crew + individually. I’ve loved watching them over the past few years, + I am constantly amazed at what they put up, whether individually, in pairs or as a whole crew, on walls + buildings ,+ in exhibitions. So this week I was very excited to paint my first collaboration with Lucy Lucy, one of the AWOL crew.


I love Lucy Lucy’s elegant feminine characters, draped in gorgeous patterned textiles + often arranged around Slicer’s striking shards, Deams’ geometric lines, + other AWOL crew members’ fantastic aerosol work. I have often thought that her characters would work well with mine, + was stoked when we were offered the chance to work together on a wall for the launch of Dean Sunshine’s Land of Sunshine book launch.


After planning the design together, we hit the wall.  I was surprised that we built our work in a similar way, at a similar pace. After many fun hours, we completed the piece, which will be unveiled at the launch this Thursday 15 November. The finished wall is superneat!

Kaff-eine Lucy Lucy collab 1

Kaff-eine Lucy Lucy collab 2

To see it in person, check out the Land of Sunshine book launch Facebook event page, register to attend, + get down to the warehouse this Thursday evening. It’s going to be an amazing night.



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