Land of Sunshine: a Snapshot of Melbourne Street Art 2010-2012

Mister Dean Sunshine, Brunswick dynamo, street art champion + personal friend, is releasing a super book which showcases Melbourne street art from 2010-2012!

Dean is a passionate supporter of street art, + has been running his blog ‘Land of Sunshine’ for the past 2 years, documenting street art from all over Melbournetown. This 300 page book is a collection of images taken since 2010. It showcases the work of 12 Melbourne street artists, + includes chapters based on themes such as exhibitions, visiting artists + wildstyle walls, ensuring that the wide variety of street art  in Melbourne is well represented.

I am honoured to be one of the 12 street artists to be featured in the book! Dean’s collection of photos of my work (many captured long before we had met) is fantastic, from my earliest tiny paste-ups in hidden corners of Fitzroy + Brunswick, to my first attempts with aerosol (which I thought would remain hidden forever), to my most recent aerosol + ink murals in disused shopfronts + on cafe walls.

The night of the book launch is sure to be spectacular, so Melbournites make sure that you keep 15 November free from 6.30pm (location yet to be released so stay tuned). For those who haven’t already done so, check out Dean’s blog, which was the inspiration for the book:

I’m looking forward to celebrating the release of this book, but also the passion + genuine support from a man who has made a lasting impression on Melbourne’s street art scene in general, + on me personally. Congratulations Dean, let’s party!



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