BONEYARD: new works on paper by Kaff-eine

I am excited that exactly one calendar month from today my first solo exhibition BONEYARD, a collection of new works on paper, opens at Just Another Project Space:

Kaff-eine’s first solo show is both familiar and divergent.

Taking a detour from the painted laneways and emerging from shadowy haunts, the artist presents Boneyard, which summons the distinctive characters of her street art and resurrects them in watercolour paint and pigment ink.

Boneyard is a topography of dualities where boldness intersects with fragility; decay is reanimated; and light casts shadows, throwing tender pathos into sharp relief. Both lighthearted and tomb-heavy, it navigates the dramatic tension between dominance and subservience, hunter and prey, and the exposure that lingers latent beneath pelts, skins and silks. In a territory inhabited by concepts and characters exhumed from the dark corners of her consciousness, Kaff-eine is unearthing bone.

Come + celebrate with me from 7pm Thursday 8 November 2012 x



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