Living in a Glass House opening event, Sydney

I visited Sydney for the opening of Living in a Glass House. The public art exhibition was curated by aMBUSH, who partnered with the Glasshouse shopping centre in Sydney’s CBD, to exhibit 50 works from Australian street + urban artists across different levels throughout the centre. For next month, shoppers can view (+ purchase) new works on canvas by Deb, AWOL Crew, Ears, Ape Seven, Heesco, + a broad range of other artists (including me), while going about their shopping business. It is a neat concept, + one that I wanted to see face-to-face.

(Obligatory tourist photo)

(Awesome industrial spaces at Cockatoo Island)

(Super t-shirt installation, The Galeries)

As much as I am a proud Melbournite, I have to admit that the city is absolutely  spectacular. I have visited Sydney twice in as many decades, so I was the stereotypical tourist, alighting from the bus at Circular Quay, gawping at the stately Bridge + surreal Opera House, marvelling at the pristine blue sky + waters, + captured by the quaint ferries that, while an integral form of public transport in the city, remind me of oversized children’s toys or drawings brought to life.

(Bei Badgirl + Deb painted the Pitt St Mall entrance to the Glasshouse)

After a few hours on the Harbour, I returned to the Glasshouse, where I met the other artists + checked out the exhibition. The online catalogue includes photos of each artwork, + bios for each of the artists: (

(Ears + Birdhat)


(Kaff-eine, Ankles + Drew Funk)

(AWOL Crew, Adnate closest)

(Eleven, Ryan Borserio, Keiron McMaster + Mista French)

I had a fantastic night, catching up with a number of artists whom I admired + had wanted to meet for a while, in amongst the artworks. It was a perfect, balmy evening, so I intended to make my way back to my accommodation, grab some materials + go for a wander, to leave my mark on the city. This would have been the perfect end to a super day. However, after losing the maps that my generous host had so kindly printed for me, + becoming wildly lost somewhere between Redfern + Waterloo without a can or marker on me, I finally found my loft, collapsed on the bed, + only awoke in time to grab a coffee + head for the airport. Next time, Sydney, I will paint you.

A huge thank you to John + Bill from aMBUSH, my generous hosts, who collected me from the airport + gave me a condensed Sydney orientation in the middle of their hugely busy day, then put on a wonderful opening night in the evening, + welcomed me into their excellent Waterloo accommodation overnight; thank you to the other artists, for the great conversations; and thank you to Sydney, who dazzled me with her warmth + flashiness. I’ll be back very soon x


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