Semi Permanent after-party painting

After the past couple of months indoors, I was stoked to be outdoors at night, painting in a bluestone laneway again; not directly on the walls this time, but on boards, next to Sam Octigan, Eleven, Pierre Lloga, 23rd Key, Jack Douglas + Taylor White for the Semi Permanent after party.  It was the perfect painting night, cool, still + dry, + we painted for hours at the red carpet entrance to the venue.

(Laneway painting)

(Self portrait collab canvas in progress)

(Painting, instagram photo by thekrislunde thanks)

Thank you to the Just Another laneway staff, who supported us with anything we needed during the night; to the folk who came to the after party, who were all so happy + had great things to say about our work; to the neat people who chatted with me; to Eddie + T-World for my awesome new custom t-shirt; + of course to the incredible Just Another bosses Melika + Toby, who masterminded the whole event.

(Finished painting)

(Welcome, instagram photo courtesy of justanotheragency thanks) 

I had a superneat night x


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