Brunswick collab, for a limited time only

A young gentleman approached me as Precious Little + I were completing a collaboration in my beloved Brunswick a couple of weeks ago. He liked the work we were doing, pointed to the gorgeous old bookstore across the road, explained that he lived there at the moment but that it was due to be demolished very soon, + asked if we would like to use it as a private gallery until it was torn down.

(view of our previous collab from the store window)

We leapt at the chance to paint in collaboration again, on another lovely Brunswick surface, + a week later installed a beautiful painting + poem on the wall + window of the old store:

(Kaff-eine aerosol painting on the wall, viewed trough the Precious Little poem stencilled on the window)

I relished the chance to play on an irregular surface, + work in close proximity to great coffee + brunches (thanks Small Block + Sugardough); I loved having Presh’s C.W Stoneking + various female rapper playlist when she accompanied me; I enjoyed watching her stencil the heartbreaking ‘Funeral in December’ poem on the store window, + having the company of her supportive, fun mate; + we all appreciated the special whiskey shared by our new bookstore friend at the end of a long 2-day painting session.

(Detailed pics of Kaff-eine aerosol mural + Precious Little stencilled poem)

The painting + accompanying poetry will remain until the building is demolished; a requiem for a lost friend, + a requiem for the old building soon to be lost   x


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