Big painting weekend

Taking advantage of my newfound freedom to paint whenever I like, I spent the past few days outdoors with aerosol cans, ink markers + friends, making the most of rare sunny winter days + clear, still winter nights.

My Precious Little joined me as the temperature dropped toward zero on Friday night; with nothing but the slowly rising moon to guide us, we took up the challenge to collaborate in the near-complete darkness:

Early Saturday morning I headed to a forgotten laneway in the middle of Prahran and spent a couple of hours quietly painting a unicorn, hidden away from the many folk enjoying the busy cafes + shops nearby:

I returned to Prahran on Saturday evening for the opening of the wonderful new Just Another Project Space, amazed at the size of the fun crowd, + stoked that the venue where I will soon be having my first solo exhibition was so well received. Big congratulations to Signed + Numbered, + Just Another Agency, for such a successful opening night! I was especially happy to have wonderful friends (including some surprises) come to the opening with me, + loved sharing a celebratory dinner southside with more mates (photos courtesy of Dean Sunshine for Invurt):

Knowing that the weather forecast for the coming week was not outdoor-art friendly, I spent Sunday morning drawing while soaking up the sun in my beloved Brunswick. Thanks to all the kind visitors who stopped to chat, to my mate for the post-drawing on-site lunch + neat catchup, + to the cafe for the velvet-smooth coffee:

I returned home exhausted, pleased, full of plans for future outdoor artsy adventures, + happy to spend the coming rainy week painting in the warmth + comfort of Flashkaff studio.



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