Impromptu country paint

I have only one more week of corporate life left before I take to the studio + laneways full-time. Unfortunately my body didn’t want to wait until I served out my notice; my back, shoulder + jaw have been playing up in silent protest at having to spend any more time in front of an office computer. The one benefit of having to travel to country Victoria to access the treatment my jaw needed was that I passed many beautiful, forgotten places on the way.

Keen to make the most of the opportunity, feeling boosted by bones that now functioned properly, + a gorgeous, clear winter day, I took the long road home. I managed to access a property that I had previously spotted from afar.

The farmhouse had long been forgotten, but it was obvious that it used to be a much-loved, welcoming home, with hand-painted ceiling details and lush wallpaper.

The weak winter light streamed through the sunken ceiling + onto a wall with a hand-painted frieze, the perfect spot to paint a quick memorial portrait of a loved friend, for a loved friend.

I drove back home through the dusk, thankful that my sore jaw had lead me to an afternoon of exploring new lands + forgotten treasures.  x



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