Painting the new Signed + Numbered shop

I first came across Signed + Numbered when visiting Rtist Gallery in 2011; a few friends + I were returning to the car when I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the display in a little shopfront window. Here was a shop/gallery that had managed to gather together prints from so many of favourite contemporary/street artists, all in one space!

I was later fortunate enough to be invited by the lovely Jacqui to stock my own limited edition prints in the shop:

Signed + Numbered has been a great success, + had outgrown the original store, so last week Jacqui opened up the new, larger Signed + Numbered only metres away from the original shop, in a rad vintage space in the middle of Greville st.  I had the pleasure of spending some evenings painting a character on the floor + shopfittings, + in the process having a preview of the new space.

The new Signed + Numbered continues to stock prints from the same wonderful artists, but also offers other neat products made by the artists, a range of art books, + other rad things. It will also soon include a separate exhibition space, the result of their collaboration with the super Just Another Agency crew. Very exciting times ahead for Signed + Numbered!

While waiting for the paint to dry, I scrawled on some of the boxes out the back of the shop.

And before I returned to Fitzroy, I  left a few gifts around the place  for south-siders to enjoy x


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