Interstate Kaff-eine: Curvy 8 book launch + exhibition, Sydney

Yesterday I returned from a fantastic 24 hour trip to Sydney, for the launch of the CURVY 8 book + exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery in Waterloo. It was the first time I’d been to Sydney in over a decade, + the first time ever to Waterloo + Redfern, where I was to spend most of my day.

I flew up obscenely early, to make the most of a rare day off (office)work. After meeting the friendly Curvy and aMBUSH crew at the gallery, I went for a long, sunny walk around the streets of Waterloo, Redfern, Ultimo, Darlington + Alexandria, with a bottle of paste, paintings on paper, + no idea about where I was going, but a love for the familiar-but-different tumbledown Victorian houses + narrow streets.

When my feet got too tired to continue, I rested in the shade with some locals on the grass at The Block. In the warm, late afternoon sun, I returned to aMBUSH, which looked superneat for the night’s event.

I joined the the enormous crowd for the launch and for the first time ever, painted in front of an audience, along with talented artists Rebecca Murphy + Nicole Tattersall. For an artist who more often than not paints in isolation, in ever more isolated secret spaces, this was a very different environment in which to paint, but I really enjoyed the crowd + the incredibly positive feedback.

At the end of the night, I crawled into a comfortable bed for a few hours sleep in a lush terrace house courtesy of a generous friend. I crept away before dawn to return to Melbourne, + travelled straight from the airport to the office, where (arms still marked with paint + ink) I immediately turned on the computer, resumed writing my day-job documents, + daydreamed of being back in Sydney’s welcoming embrace.

Thank you John + Bill from aMBUSH, for your warmth, generosity + support; I’m looking forward to returning to have more art/fun with you both soon. Thank you Nicole + Rob from CURVY, for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful publication + exhibition, + showing me (repeatedly) where to buy Waterloo coffee.  And thank you AZB, for offering what is definitely the most spectacular place in which I have ever crashed.

I’ll be back there soon x


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