Curvy book launch + exhibition

I’m excited to have an image in this year’s CURVY annual (rad photo courtesy of Rowena Naylor):

Since I can’t bring the door in this photo to the launch exhibition, I painted an image , Secret Conversation, especially for the night:


CURVY 2012
Date: Wednesday 9 May 2012
Time: From 7:00-10:00 PM
Where: aMBUSH Gallery 4a James Street, Waterloo Sydney

CURVY is an annual book and exhibition that features the most exciting female artists from 40 countries worldwide.

Over the eight years that CURVY has been hitting studios and bookshelves around the world, its philosophy to support and inspire amazing female artists has never let up.

Collaborating with women from design capitals including Paris, London, LA, NYC, Melbourne, Toronto and Tokyo – and from countries as far afield as Australia, Ecuador, Mexico, Moscow, Serbia, Latvia, Indonesia, Norway, Malta and Israel among many others, CURVY is a platform where the next generation of female creative talent can shine.

This edition, the eight in the series, introduces the latest wave of exciting female visual artists in a new hard copy format and builds on the momentum of previous years with a new batch of boundary breakers.

The 2012 exhibition and launch features a selection of original work from artists in this year’s book including a special inclusion by issue 8 feature artist Miss Van.

The CURVY show kicks off the Semi-Permanent 2012 program – it’s an event that is not to be missed.

Limited copies of the book will be available for purchase at the show.

For more information head to

Alice Amsel / Alyson Pearson / Amy Blue / Andrea Offermann / Andy Mccready / Anne Cobai / Anne Numont / Annie Davidson / Basak Savcigil / Bec Winnel / Beth Emily / Brett Manning / Bridge Stehli / Candy Yan Yan Ng / Carli Hyland / Carmen Hui / Carol Farrell / Catherine Esters / Cheryl Orsini / Danielle Bolton / Deb / Dominique Merven / Elise Lampe / Elodie / Erica Williams / Erin Flannery / Eve Young / Faith 47 / Felicity Gardner / Hayley O’connor / Jana Brike / Jessica Ng / Jessica Page / Jo Ley / Julianee Trew / Kaff Eine / Kathryn Renowden / Kelly Mckernan / Kelly Smith / Lady Poise / Lara Marshall / Lilian Darmono / Lilly Piri / Lily Mae Martin / Lily May / Lucy Hardie / Lucy Macleod / Marcela Bolivar / Maria Finna / Maria Mosquera / Maude Guesne / Melissa Contreras / Mimi Leung / Miss Van / Moie Preisenberger / Nadeesha Godamunne / Nat Carroll / Nom Kinnear King / Orlagh Murphy / Phoebe Johnson / Rebecca Terborg / Rena Littleson / Rosalind Clark / Sally Zou / Samantha Decarlo / Sonya Fu / Sorina Williams / Supersonic / Susan Purnell / Tabitha Shafran / Tiffany Rysdale / Venetia Cussen / Zan Von Zed /

See you there   x


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