Kaffeine v Husk for LMFF Windows by Design

The Kaff-eine v Husk installation is now officially open at 176 Collins st Melbourne, as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Windows by Design project. Come and see some new Kaff-eine characters and techniques in an unconventional environment, from 1-31 March 2012. The walking tour of all the LMFF Windows by Design windows, complete with map and links to information about each artistic collaboration, is available here:


Thank you Alex Zabotto-Bentley and the AZBCreative team, for inviting me to be a part of Windows by Design + trusting me enough to allow me complete creative freedom. Thank you Husk, for providing me with a wonderful temporary gallery space, and dressing my bagheads so beautifully.  And thank you City of Melbourne, Peroni and Harpers BAZAAR, for supporting the project.

It has been fantastic to receive such positive feedback about my new work in the first week of display, and to have spoken in person with so many supportive folk as I was installing the aerosol, cardboard and masking tape works last weekend. Thank you for all of your kind words.

A short interview in the City Weekly about my work for the Windows by Design project can be found at:


Fitzroy Flasher has also written about the Kaff-eine v Husk window, even though it falls slightly south of Flasher’s usual flashing grounds:




About Kaff-eine

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