I Heart Fitzroy project

I heart Fitzroy. To celebrate moving in to my awesome Fitzroy studio, I created a series of 12 original paintings on chipboard panels with aerosol, acrylic paint + pigment ink. The images were quick sketches of Kaff characters (mistakes + all), signed + numbered.

I placed the 12 panels around Fitzroy last night, + was stoked to find out that some had already been re-homed by morning, neat.

Lisa found ‘Emile’ within a couple of hours (happy photo courtesy Lisa Ritchie):

Sam found a few panels, including ‘Charlie’, during separate trips (neat action photo courtesy Sam Andrews):

And Rowena + Linda also found panels during a sunny early-morning walk (photos courtesy of Rowena Naylor Photography). I love this action pic, on the same rickety chair that I used to place ‘Noah’ up high:

Maude sniffed out ‘William’ down a lane that I had never seen before last night:

Less than 24 hours after they were released, all of the panels have been found, + the characters have new homes.  A big thank-you to everyone who photographed + shared their successful missions. I don’t deliberately revisit my street art, so I rarely find out what happens to my work, once completed.  It has been a joy to see the pics, + know that these characters have gone to loving homes x

I Heart Fitzroy x


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