Melbourne Central murals: 1

I have been lucky enough to have spent the twilight + night hours of the past week creating a long mural in Melbourne Central, two stories above the street in a clear tube that used to be the walkway between MC + Myer. The eerie glow from the advertising signs below me; the silence in the building after hours (save for the same skipping, lilting CD) after the avalanche of pre-Christmas shoppers ceases; the sweet + spicy scents from the growing herb garden around me; the darkness, stillness and complete isolation in such an enormous urban space, combined to make it an altogether fantastic, otherworldly experience. Such a wonderful week.

Thanks all the lovely people who came along to say hi, bring treats + chat with me. Thanks my Precious Little, who gave up an entire day + evening in her hectic pre-exhibition schedule to be my entertaining PA.

I’m heading back to Melbourne Central next week, to complete a second mural in Menzies Alley late late late when the Centre finally sleeps. If you’re around in the middle of the night, come + say hi   x


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