Urban Scrawl

Above: Kaff-eine aerosol + ink character; Precious Little bird design, light stencilled by TigTab; light painted by Blacklodge + TigTab. No photoshop.

Short clip by Blacklodge that shows how the above image was created is at: http://vimeo.com/29765039
To see this + more street art/light art collaborations, be at Urban Scrawl on opening night Thursday 19 January 2012: hope to see you all there x

Through street art, words, photography and light painting, urban artists Kaff-eine, Tigtab, Blacklodge and Precious Little lead the expedition into the clandestine corners of Melbourne, from the painted laneways to the subterranean catacombs, snaking like a circulatory system under the city’s skin.

Urban Scrawl is where identity and ephemera intersect.

Where: City Library
Date: Monday 16 – Sunday 29 January (opening night Thursday 19 January)
Time: 9am-5pm
Price: Free

More details to follow in coming days + weeks x


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