Street art exchange

Less than 24 hours after this image went up, the blue cross and writing appeared, informing me that the image was ‘too literal’, and asking for ‘something more interesting please’.

I loved these comments.

As my response to my mystery critic clarifies, the piece is entirely metaphorical (not that they’d know that), based on risks, anxieties, loneliness, threat and bravery. In comparison to the hyper-realistic style for which I was once known, this style is far from realistic and literal. But again, they wouldn’t know that.

I indicated that I’d be happy to produce something for them, if they’d give me some suggestions. I’m waiting, and hoping, for  a response… x


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5 responses to “Street art exchange

  • Kirstin Smith

    Hey Kaff-eine, love your ‘Plunge’ and personally don’t reckon it gets much more interesting than a piece that helps you/pushes you to face all that hard shit that holds you back from being amazing. I’m there right now and would love it if I could get a print of this – just to help remind me it’s only ‘words’ and amazing is just around the corner. Belief is the another word I’d tack on the list after brave for me.

    Love your work xxx

  • Kaff-eine

    Thank you, Kirstin. You ARE amazing, right now, right at this very moment, even if you don’t feel it.

    Print coming your way, as soon as I work out how to make them.


  • MarkD

    It’s a damn shame that your critic doesn’t instead invest their time in marking up (or pulling down)all the advertising and marketing rubbish that we all have to endure in our streets and public places. I’m sure their witticisms are occasionally quite good. Rubbishing your art – especially – is mean-spirited at best and further debases our experiences of the built environment. To discover/encounter your works amongst the grit, grime and clutter I see on my walks around Fitzroy (work) and East Brunswick (home) always lift my spirits. Let me know if you ever need materials to continue.

  • Facter

    I guess having comments like that is a good form of feedback, but if they were seriously giving advice they didnt need to cross out the actual image itself – the comment would have sufficed – that one is one of my favorites of yours!

  • Kaff-eine

    Hey thanks for your kinds words, guys, it’s lovely to know that you like my images. Most of the feedback I get is really positive, which is ace. At least my critic said ‘please’! I choose to ignore most of the comment, since they didn’t understand the symbolism and loaded meaning behind the image, which is in my opinion figurative but by no meanms realistic or literal. I’m still waiting for their response to my request…

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